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Like an everlasting diamond!

Heritage Resources Ltd with its Heritage Funds LPF (Limited Partnership Fund) is based in Hong Kong acting as a bridge by leveraging Hong Kong’s status as an international financial center.

As a preeminent & giant project financier with extensive China money fundraising ability, we work together with Chinese state-owned companies, Chinese funds, Sinosure, Chinese policy banks for our project governmental implementation.

Through our proprietary network of above relationships and certainty of capital, we are uniquely positioned to access to several pools of significant capital from China and within Asia.

Based on our proven skills and expertise and our distinct China DNA connection networks with entrepreneurial heritage, in-which we started in 2012 since.

Today, we have a pragmatic & firm focus on the top governmental leadership networking. We strive to provide project owners / employers / holders for a better and smart a-z solution of fundraising, financing, execution, and completion of government-to-government (G-to-G) projects.

We only do this one thing. We are very hands-on and extensive in our on-the-ground approach. We have established ourselves as the leader in what we do in project financing. We pride ourselves for the diligent work ethic with proven results and a solid track record with over ten years at the heart of government-to-government projects. We have developed unique expertise in what we do it best.

We stay true to our such core principle, we always do it. Therefore, success doesn’t happen by accident. We have a proven above methodology for achieving enduring excellent results.

Our mandate is clear:

We only persevere, systematically focusing on government-to-government projects to create the greatest value possible.

Our motivation is empowered by a full excitement of working with the most distinct governmental top leadership networks. It is always with tomorrow in mind.

the impactful and leading cross investment partner


Heritage Funds LPF is approved and regulated by the Limited Partnership Fund Ordinance (Cap. 637) of Hong Kong (registration number: 72665155), and it is complied with the SFC type 9 (asset management) license regulated by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) under the registration CE number: AZL662.


Heritage Funds LPF has a trusted Chinese platform. We enter into a series of the appropriate value and long-term oil & LNG off-take agreement. It enables us for an exchange by the oil & LNG order-intake agreement for Heritage Funds LPF. The objective is to secure the project financing for the smooth project implementation. This model works well with Chinese state-owned companies & its financial institutions and investors, as well with the project owners / employers / holders.


We consolidate our own resources and China capital as the strategic financial partners. The objective is dedicated to be investing up to 25% of equity with EPC contracts for Chinese state-owned companies to carry out the project implementation.


We pioneer our approach to be grounded in an innovative and attractive way for more impetus to invest alongside with China capital into our portfolio projects. We always take a direct role in managing our assets through direct investment and a fund-of-fund activity.


In summary, Heritage Funds LPF has been viewed as a trustworthy, reliable and well-respected Chinese DNA counterparty of the government-to-government projects. We believe that our reputation and ability to execute the projects with China money for the project owners / employers / holders, are powerful competitive and strategic advantages.

Government to government projects

Based in Hong Kong, Heritage group with its Heritage Funds LPF, is a Chinese private equity firm with truly both China and the international reach. Together with Chinese state-owned companies and policy banks, it has demonstrated an unparalleled, developmental, evolutional, operational and financial expertise in government-to-government projects.

bridge – Super connectivity

Since its inception in 2012 in Hong Kong, it accesses with a top leadership network support relationship between GCC countries and China. Heritage group prides itself on being one of prized private equity firms. Together with Heritage Funds LPF “hands on” focus, it always serves as a ‘bridge’ on behalf of both governmental Chinese and private investors and project owners / employers / holders.

Key Differentiator focus

We believe our proven ability over 10-year ability in uniquely gathering China money. It leads to Heritage Funds LPF focuses on its project financing by working with its Chinese state-owned companies, Sinosure, Chinese policy banks and international Private Equity firms. It manages project financing risk by being sponsored with its guarantee. It results in our success in expanding our project portfolio.

The above seed allows Heritage group robustly to offer a comprehensive range of fit-for-purpose financing services catering to the unique conditions of government-to-government projects.

We strive to meet the financing needs in different phases of completion of the projects whilst having local teams provide us with in-depth knowledge of the government-to-government project’s market features, It enables us to meet a variety of the project owners / employers / holders’ specific requirements with unique conditions to be delivered.

Project Team

It makes up of a bench of talented, qualified & experienced professionals to ensure projects are completed with the utmost attention.


Having a simple but dynamic organization structure ensures our sound performance.

Core Activities

Our core business focus is on a range of projects from farming, energy, primary infrastructure to diesel trading.

Branding & Vision

The origins of our red logo and branding and its vision. It has been integral to our Chinese DNA.

We look for ideas to win more government-to-government projects

Professional Flexible Solutions to build something different


Expert in Project Financing

Together with Chinese state-owned companies, Sinosure and policy banks, Heritage group with its Heritage Funds LPF, has rich governmental resources with a deep understanding of China and global experience in the project financing markets. We have a deep China & international network of contacts.


Financing Solution

Heritage Funds LPF provides a wide array of customized and comprehensive financial project development-finance-construction solutions for the completion & success of the projects undertaken by our Chinese state-owned action partners.


15%-25% of Funding

We focus on providing the project owners / employers / holders with financing and funding of 15% – 25% of government-to-government projects. It is done by having the sufficient value and long-term off-take agreement of oil & LNG in exchange for the projects within acceptable risk tolerance.

SFC Licenses & Methodology

Heritage Funds LPF is registered under the Limited Partnership Fund Ordinance (Cap. 637) of Hong Kong (registration number: 72665155) to conduct fund management activities. It is under the SFC type 9 (asset management) license regulated by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission under the registration CE number: AZL662.

We strive to be the best and have become a leader for the government-to-government projects. The well-positioned leverage to our extensive network & outstanding cross-border capabilities, has provided a full range of project finance solutions to our project owners / employers / holders.

In other words, Heritage Fund LPF offers unique synergies with our advice, finance, invest, transact, manage, empower its methodology and advantages to provide integrated one-off project financing services to our project owners / employers / holders.

Project Financing

By working with Chinese governmental authorities, Chinese policy banks, Sinosure and Chinese state-owned companies, Heritage Funds LPF uses a flexible approach toward funding co-operative programs.

We provides tailor-made and customized financing solutions to the needs of our project owners / employers / holders. Therefore, our focus on financing of government-to-government project strategy with the diversified methods, is essential to our project owners / employers / holders.

Current Projects in Progress


Strategic Action Partners

Our professional networks and our Chinese strategic action partners are our most valuable assets contributing through strategic partnerships with the signed consortium agreements in place with Heritage Funds LPF.

Our Chinese action partners are the qualified EPC contractor with capabilities, knowledge, capacities and experiences to undertake and complete the entire projects. They carry out the preliminary design, detail design, project management, construction, completion, delivery and commission of the prestigious projects under the platform of Heritage Funds LPF.

It is an active relentless drive for achieving it. So we believe in nurturing mutually beneficial relationships empowered by a full excitement of governmental top leadership networks.

Our interests are aligned with Chinese investors / Chinese main contractors / the local project owners / employers / holders and their local sub-contractors.

Advisors & Co-investors


The advisors have unique, in-depth and extensive knowledge for the markets we operate in. Based on the accumulated experience of our Chinese investors, partners and advisors, we takes pride in our specialist knowledge of local markets under the Belt and Road Initiative for overseas investment drive.

Together with our advisors, we always pay attention to our talents and our connections with project owners / owners / holders for making the success of frontier government-to-government projects by investing into the countries we operate.


We, Heritage group with Heritage Funds LPF act as the General Partner (GP) and one of Limited Partners (LP). We adopt co-investment model with its strategic co-investors. It contains a relationship with several comprehensive co-investors and strategic equity partners from China and international private equity firms as the Limited Partners (LP).

This always makes our government-to-government projects “investor-ready”. We develop such innovative frameworks to leverage China capital investment.

Past Historical Project Track Records

Heritage Funds LPF


To identify, structure, fund, develop, & provide hands-on management to create and deliver value under the sustainable fund platform backed by Chinese private equity funds with its Chinese banks and global investors.

Fund Models

By complying of the license of Type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities by SFC, we work with the selected strategic Chinese & international investors. It is the one of the key investment models with Heritage Funds LPF.

Focus & Tasks

The key focus is on project value creation for its government-to-government projects. It should be within the measurable and controllable risk and the time frame given by its Chinese investors and the project owners / employers / holders.


Being a Chinese private equity fund manager, it is entrusted with the management of funds via a unique and outstanding knowledge of the market and an unrivalled network of contacts in its dynamic frontier governmental project markets.

The Questions you may ask us

What is Heritage group's in the business model?

We together with Heritage Funds LPF, only exclusively focus on the government-to-government (G-to-G) projects. We provide the capital of 15% – 25% of the project value and our expertise to help such G-to-G bright ideas and bold projects take flight.

What is Heritage group role to play an added value to the project?

Heritage group together with Heritage Funds LPF acts with integrity as the facilitator and financier with China money under SFC type 9 (asset management) license (CE: AZL662) regulated by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

Our goal has always been to create a tailor-made, happy, valid, integrated, comprehensive and thriving turnkey project financing solution for the projects of our project owners / employers / holders in an efficient and effective way.

Our due diligence to assess project opportunities by capturing value across a range of strategic and operational value creation levers of the governmental projects.

Under the platform of Heritage Funds LPF, we adapt our top-down leadership network approach. We work well with Chinese state-owned partners for our governmental projects. We carry out our project implementation on an EPC+F basis in the countries we operate.

Why has Heritage group been doing well?

Yes, there is no question about it although it takes years to reach such success story. We have one decade of success already. 

Heritage group is owned by core top Chinese shareholders. It has an excellent in-depth personal direct network of the top governmental leadership in the countries we operate.

Heritage Funds LPF has been performing well. We implement a set of strategies and functional capabilities to drive and transform the the government-to-government projects with Chinese state-owed EPC contractors into the projects we have invested in with project owners / employers / holders.

It extends China one belt and one road’s value chain, while gaining the synergy in terms of its project intelligence, technical skills, international market experience and financial support, as well as its solid relationship with the top governmental leaderships.

It has already developed diversified financing and fundraising channels including Sinosure, Chinese policy banks, international banks, insurance companies, capital markets and asset securitization. The objective is solely for its projects to be implemented by Chinese state-owned EPC companies to realize it step by step.

Why choose Heritage Funds LPF to work with?

Having looked at and worked with government-to-government projects over 10 years, we have a strong track record of partnering with China money through our investments into the government-to-government projects along with the China belt & road initiative. It has made us very unique as the dependable partner. It has been underpinned by trust and credibility. This strength has been essential to our success.

Everything we do is only focused on government-to-government projects, It makes us one of the independent specialists in this governmental project market. Such strength makes us uniquely agile.

Heritage Funds LPF is approved and regulated by the Limited Partnership Fund Ordinance (Cap. 637) of Hong Kong, and it is regulated by the rules and regulations of the SFC (“Securities and Futures Commission”), the principal regulator of Hong Kong’s securities and futures markets. Heritage Funds LPF strictly complies with the statutory requirements for a high level of corporate transparency and a strict monitoring and risk control process.

We have won a number of project award success stories granted by local project owners / employers / holders with EPC Chinese state-owned companies in the countries, we operate.

Why Hong Kong has been based for Heritage Funds LPF?
  • Hong Kong’s unique strategic location at the doorstep of the Mainland China.
  • Hong Kong is recognised as one of global premier financial centres.
  • It plays a pivotal role in providing comprehensive financial and professional services with the vast opportunities offered by the China “Belt & Road” Initiative.
  • It offers a highly regulated environment of international investors.
  • Hong Kong provides a robust and transparent legal framework coupled with economic & political stability backed by China.
  • Rigorous corporate governance framework and adherence to international accounting standards.
  • It plays an active role as the world’s largest off-shore outside China Renminbi hub.
  • Favourable tax incentive for Hong Kong local domiciled registration of funds.
  • There is no capital gains tax in Hong Kong. Dividend income, whether from Hong Kong or overseas, is not taxable. Also, dividends paid to either residents or non-residents of Hong Kong are not subject to any withholding tax.

Facts at a Glance

As at 31 October 2022

Focus on the governmental project financing

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Chinese Action Partners

Accumulated Projects USD

Investment Backlog for 2023 USD

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