Desert Farming in Jordan

Heritage group always has a passion in farming.

Provide an integration of the intelligent precise desert dripping irrigation control systems into Jordan.

Project (USD in Million)


Irrigation control system


agricultural partnership

Heritage group has been in the process of talking with the governmental agent in Jordan to make a trial farming of 500 hectares by applying Yuanda Intelligent Precise Irrigation Control Systems of its Chinese partners.


The project employer provides the land for the implementation of the project. We together with its contractor Yuanda, carry out the design, financing, construction, and planting of the dripping irrigation control systems.

Heritage Funds LPF owns the desert irrigation farming facilities. Its operation will be carried out by Yuanda Agriculture.

advantage of the system

  • Yuanda Intelligent Irrigation Control System is the milestone that Modern Agriculture comes into precise control age, compare with conventional system, Yuanda System can achieve,
  • Yuanda designed and developed an automatic soil sampling system including a vacuum pump, suction tube and measuring units,
  • The high frequency of precise irrigation maintains a steady state slightly below saturation, thereby optimizing very stable available oxygen levels to support vigorous plant growth,
  • It monitors and manages chemical and physical changes in the secondary root zone as they are formed in real-time,
  • 30% + savings in water,
  • 40% + savings in fertilizer; and
  • it increases significantly in yield.
  • Progress on the project financing 50% 50%