Chinese Action Partners

We connect the opportunity of the mega projects to value with our Chinese partners. We have had the privilege of working with more than 60 Chinese state-owned companies for the government-to-government projects.

Discover our 60+ Chinese partners, we work with

Our Chinese action partners 

Our professional networks and our Chinese strategic partners are our most valuable assets contributing through strategic partnerships and active involvement, so we believe in nurturing mutually beneficial relationships.

We always have direct access to the leadership of China’s largest, most prestigious and pioneering state-owned companies, financial institutions & investors.

We are the top partner of choice for Chinese state-owned companies who are acting as Engineering Procurement Construction Contractors (EPCs) together with our strategic equity investment partners.

We have formed strong and professional teams and alliance partnerships, including particularly strong strategic partnerships with Chinese state-owned companies & our investors in construction, banking, financial holdings, and other industries. This enables us to provide all-encompassing solutions through its tailor-made expertise in fund and asset management, international investment banking and financial advisory services.

We are uniquely placed to offer comprehensive “one stop shop” solutions for global fund raising and investing together with Chinese state-owned companies for the project owners / employers / holders.

Our partners in ksa and in brazil 

We work for the trading of diesel for Brazil between KSA and Brazil and as well as for carbon-free solar energy system in Brazil. 

our focusing countries 

We always treat those we work with as partners. We commit our own financial resources, to every opportunity, cohesively aligning our interests with our strategic Chinese partners to operate with a collaborative spirit for our government-to-government projects.

Together, we are the thread that connects the thriving opportunities in our project portfolio with market insight and lasting value backed by Chinese project financing network leadership.

recognition by Chinese partners

With over one decade of hands-on experience with China network, we have gained widespread recognition from our Chinese partners for our overall strength, extensive experience, and professional project financing services.

Chinese partners with the current projects 


Desert drip irrigation projects:
  • China Shenyang Yuan Da group


Oil tank farm construction & drilling equipment purchase projects:
  • CNCEC NO.14 Construction & Sinopec Engineering Inc 


For the infrastructural and pipe laying projects:
  • CRCC & China Petroleum Piping Bureau


For the projects:
  • China Machine-Building International Corporation (CMIC) 


Vaccines for human and animal diseases project:
  • Sinopharm


Construction of new city:


Desert drip irrigation:

Agricultural farming:

FPSO vessel:

Nuclear power:

Up-stream oil exploration:

Onshore oil drilling

Crude oil trading:

Oil & gas pipeline laying:

Construction and repair of oil tank farms:

Construction and repair of refineries:



Energy & electricity:

Railway construction:

For the railway related projects:


Water purification:

Contractor/organizer as the platform of one stop of the total solution:

Teleferik cable car and aerial tramway

Gold mining

Sovereign bond to be issued in China Shanghai Stock Exchange:

Chinese banking facilities:

Some more of Chinese state-owned strategic contractors:


Remarks: governmental authorities in connection with government-to-government projects for Heritage Funds LPF under one belt and one road initiative: