We are proud to be a pioneer in government-to-government projects, combining our team’s deep experience, its China vast resources, expertise, and robust networks of connections through the power of the platform of Heritage Funds LPF.


Heritage Funds LPF is one of the sustainable and comprehensive investment platforms within Heritage group with unparalleled China and international capabilities for government-to-government projects.

We provide a broad spectrum of project financing solutions. Such solutions are backed by Chinese investors with its Chinese banks and Chinese private equity funds and global investors to benefit from our government-to-government projects.

core distinctive strength

The key competitive advantage of Heritage group is its team of bilingual, cross-culture, knowledgeable, experienced, and discrete professionals who are able to structure and execute projects more discretely, efficiently / timely and cost effectively.

One of strategic lines of activities of Heritage group is creation of its financial and investment platform under Heritage Funds LPF. We work together with the subsidiaries of Chinese policy banks and Chinese contractors to manage and invest into projects under the portfolio of Heritage Funds LPF.

Such deep bond of trust and an enduring sense of partnership that is continually reinforced for our government-to-government projects.

How the value-added to be contributed

Heritage group has demonstrated our shared values of focus, professionalism and unquestionable integrity.

Heritage Funds LPF is a trusted, recognized and preferred partner of choice for the Chinese investors, Chinese private equity funds, international financiers, and private equity firms.

We work to create and implement strategic and tailored solutions. Such solutions are designed to advance the objectives of both our Chinese investors and our project owners / employers / project holders for the government-to-government projects all under one roof.


Heritage Funds LPF creates value by using its own private equity-style investing method as the General Partner (GP) and one of Limited Partners (LP).

Heritage Funds LPF always makes a foray into the countries not only by helping Chinese investors as Limited Partners (LP) to invest and to search for high quality, cash generative assets, but also linking those government-to-government projects to look for the qualified Chinese partners for investments.

We have done it with success stories after using our stable and solid Chinese connection networks under the credit line within the China financing platform.

Financing networks

Together with our strong network of reliable and trusted financial contacts in China and our excellent international networks, Heritage Funds LPF identifies, evaluates, acquires, and executes on attractive strategic investment opportunities on behalf of its Chinese investors.

Our unique approach is in line with the objective of executing Chinese governmental investment agency’s mandate for value creation with our government-to-government projects.

focus on achievement 

With the appropriate China capital, in-depth knowledge, experience, strong business discreet network of local and international connections, fully qualified professionals, partners, advisors, originators, and co-investors, as well as the bi-lingual and bi-cultural background of our professional team, Heritage group aims to participate into the government-to-government projects in achieving superior investment outcomes.