Railway projects

Heritage group has well experienced in realising advanced transport network projects.

Heritage group has been in a strong position in view of its ability of financing and funding 15%-25% of the capital requirement of the railway projects.

partnership with chinese railway related companies

Heritage group works with China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) and China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) to bid for the high-speed train projects in the targeted countries that Heritage group is interested in. Both CRCC and CRRC are the strategic partners of Heritage group.

Such project is under the consideration of 85% being financed by Import Export Bank of PRC China with the country’s risk to be covered by the bank itself or by China Development Bank with the country risk to be covered by Sinosure with remaining fund of 15% either from project Employer or Heritage group.

how it works

Chinese EPC partners sign the agreements with the local railway authorities of Heritage group’s foreign partners for the execution and implementation of the projects.

It makes a turnkey construction project of China’s high-speed railway with a whole system, all elements, and a whole industry chain.

It also undertakes a service from financial equipment leasing for the EPC Chinese state-owned contractors for their implementation of construction for railway, highway and urban rail transit.

participation into the current projects with china railway corporations 

  • Project contracting is the core and traditional business of Chinese state-owned EPC contractors, i.e., CRCC. It covers railway, highway, urban track, water conservancy, hydropower, housing, municipal, bridge, tunnel, airport, and wharf construction and so on. Construction contract mode and financing contract mode are mainly used in project contracting business, Heritage group has a non-railway project with CRCC in Dubai,
  • Heritage group works with China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREG) in GCC,
  • China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) participate venturing into Iraq with Heritage group for the railway projects,
  • CCCC Railway Consultants Group Co., Ltd (CCCCRG) is one of partners with Heritage group; and 
  • China Railway Materials International Group Corporation (CRM) has committed with Heritage group for the market in Myanmar.