To construct a large tank farm with drilling activities in Libya

An integrated tank farm construction solution and drilling activities in Libya.

This project is to construct an integrated tank farm with drilling activities by working with China state owned companies as builder & drilling crew with Heritage group as the project manager and one of the financiers.

Project (USD in million)

Tank farm (phase I)

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Negotiation since

in libya 

Heritage group and its consortium are in the excellent position to do Government-to-Government projects as the project leader by working with its strategic Chinese state-owned companies and Chinese banks and Sinosure to provide Libyan National Oil Corporation with a total solution of oil storage tank farm construction project in Libya.

Oil tank farm repare & construction

Project scope includes design / delivery / installation / commissioning, i.e., civil engineering, steelwork, pipeline engineering, storage tank engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, measuring, and control engineering. Of course, for the construction, the project construction includes storage tanks for crude oil, infrastructure, fire extinguisher system, operations building, office building, pump station for crude oil, transformer station, and emergency power supply.

The payment settlement will be based on the EPC model, and it will be financed from Heritage group with its Chinese partners in exchange for:

  • the advance payment through crude oil allocation from NOC for the oil storage tank farm construction project in Libya.
  • government guarantee 

drilling activies

Heritage group also acts on behalf of Chinese to make for the registration with the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) for their drilling products, i.e., Conventional Drilling, Low Temperature Drilling, Special Drill, Offshore Drilling, Rig Components, and Special Motor. It includes a full range of all their products covering 1000-12000m land drilling machines, including DBS AC variable frequency digital control electric drilling machines, DC electric drilling machines, mechanical drilling machines, compound drilling machines, drag drilling machines, independent electric rotary drilling machines, direct drive pumps, travel hoisting system, solid control system, electric control system and other products, as well as our new products of the continuous tube drilling machines, single drilling machines, 5-cylinder pumps, fracturing pumps, direct drive and top pumps, and other new products.