Heritage Funds LPF has a broad set of blue-chip fund co-investors and investors.


Heritage Funds LPF adopts co-investment model with strategic China investors and international investors. Funds come from a broad set of blue-chip fund co-investors from China, Asia, and international investment communities.

We have a solid and strong network of co-sponsors, PRC investors, co-investors, advisors, and partners together with well support from our project owners / employers / holders. 

Heritage Funds LPF has built the success stories of our co-investment strategy on the strength of our longstanding partnerships – both with our co-investors with China capital as Limited Partners (LP) and Heritage Funds LPF as one of the general partners (GP) and one of the limited Partners (LP) as well.

Through proactive inspiration to our project owners / employers / holders, and our strong market reputation with the China leadership investment network, Heritage Funds LPF is able to gain access to high-quality co-sponsor and co-investor opportunities for our government-to-government projects to be implemented. Of course, China state-owned companies are as the EPC contractors for our governmental projects.

Fund structure

With Heritage Funds LPF as the General Partner (GP) and as one of the Limited Partners (LP), we adopt co-investment model with our strategic investors. It contains an affiliation with several comprehensive co-investors and strategic equity partners from China and international private equity firms as the Limited Partner (LP).

In other words, Heritage Funds LPF acts as the investment manager both as the General Partner (GP) and one of Limited Partners (LP). We make investments alongside our Chinese co-investors backed by Chinese banks and Chinese private equity funds together with our global investors as the limited partner (LP) of our governmental projects.

co-investor involvements

A co-investment is an investment made directly into a government-to-government project together. It makes alongside a lead General Partner (GP) and one of Limited Partners (LP) by Heritage Funds LPF whilst its co-investor acts as Limited Partners (LP).

Our co-investors may act alone when the project is in the initial stage. To pursue it further later, the co-investors typically share the same commercial and strategic objectives and co-operate effectively with Heritage Funds LPF.

On an ongoing basis and in addition to partnering with sizable and global leaders, our partners always approach Heritage Funds LPF to seek strategic partners for co-investment opportunities in line with the Chinese investors’ mandate, i.e., it is normally aiming for 10 – 15 per cent returns per year in hard currency as the expectation of Chinese investors.

The co-investors collectively can directly control all our project investments in the project portfolio of Heritage Funds LPF as their own profit centre.

Heritage Funds LPF co-operates to achieve the strategic objectives committed by both GPs and LPs.

The co-investor retains legal title and influence over their individual shareholdings of the project as their own profit centre, and it is ultimately able to determine its own course of action.

Our investment structures allow our co-investors to manage their liquidity, return and future upside in a way that’s uniquely flexible. This enables co-investors friendly to realize the full potential of investments.

They can exercise a much greater level of influence or control over each investment project they and Heritage Funds LPF both have committed to.

Our co-investment platform under Heritage Funds LPF, has been recognized as a reliable and trusted partner for the government-to-government projects.

how to bridge the gaps 

By implementation of the above philosophy, we act as one of the private equity funds with Chinese background focusing on the government-to-government projects.

Heritage Funds LPF and our co-investors adopt a flexible approach to deliver superior outcomes by focusing on bridging the gaps that exist between Chinese partners and our project owners / employers / holders, such as the differences in business culture, capital deployment strategy, knowledge, and skills, as well as local project market expertise.

jointly as the principal for investments

Under the structure of Heritage Funds LPF, we, together with our partners and our co-investors, can act as a combination of roles including as a principal, a JV partner, and a co-participant in any suitable business opportunity for the government-to-government projects.