Our Heritage Group

Our collaboration with Chinese state-owned enterprises, Sinosure, and policy banks for the project financing with our government-to-government (G-to-G) project, it is an art and a science.

Heritage group provides professional project financing services. It works a set of beautiful, workable & bankable financing and fundraising tools with the financing know-how required to bring it to life. In addition to the confidence bred from our strength and ability to deliver integrated project financing solutions, these creative thinking financial tools bring the big ideas of the project partners / employers / holders into making their realistic project financing to come true.

We have had our principled focus on doing even greater things by managing a series of government-to-government projects. It has been deeply embedded and ingrained in our DNA, leading the way to a new era of project financing activities investing in the government-to-government projects.

We therefore, by doing it, create a strong alignment of interests with the project partners / employers / holders / investors / co-investors / our management teams for our government-to-government projects.

In summary, our ethos is that our value propositions, work ethic, deliverability and innovative strategy is unchallengeable in that we systematically focus, grasp, implement timeously and with precision and create the greatest value possible for government-to-government projects.

Proudly, it is the trustworthy and compliant gateway to project financing, which is at the heart of what we do and how we work.

A set of core beliefs and Breakthrough Ideas when our journey began in 2012

What started out as little more than a dreamy concept infused in 2012 when it is no more than an idea. We know these crucial first decisions can have an exponential influence on the curve of success. By the valuation-driven and intellectual curiosity which drives our thinking, we did a lot of ground-breaking things around a simple idea that seemed crazy thing compared with myth vs reality. We believed in thinking differently. With curiosity to learn and grow in our fields of expertise, we have made wise decisions and we has done the right thing even when no-one else is looking. We always find such ideas as the “incubator” to spark our inspiration on the government-to-government projects.

Now, by embracing new ways of thinking, and by adopting of mindset for such crazy thing in the project financing for the governmental projects together with its network of China contacts, we have materialized step-by-step in this low-key way since then. And we haven’t stopped here. We are still trying to do things other people think are crazy but we are super excited about it. We’ve continuously evolved our operating model to better leverage the scale of our increasingly integrated operations backed by our Chinese shareholders, such as RMB project financing by barter trade in exchange for mega government-to-government projects. Together with the syndication of Chinese policy banks, Sinosure, Chinese sovereign investors, co-investors, and Chinese state-owned companies, we rigorously handle China money allocation and work to make sure each government-to-government project is executing well within budget.

Therefore, the thoughts, experiences, ideas and rock-solid commitments are well fueling our progress in the government-to-government projects.


Founded in 2012 and based in Hong Kong, Heritage group with a big idea: It has enabled Heritage group to be serving as a reputed bridge from China to overseas on government-to-government projects, like no other.

Our only business is to help the project owners / employers / holders to navigate challenging in order to obtain a bankable project financing solution with EPC project to be carried out by Chinese state-owned companies.

Heritage Funds LPF is renowned for its pioneering, innovative and progressive funding and the skilled, inventive and timeous and within budget implementation of government-to-government projects.

By making a difference, we have developed our distinct position as a pioneer in working with Chinese state-owned companies for the government-to-government projects.

We are an international, multifaceted professional and dynamic private equity firm (PE) partnership group with both China DNA and the depth and breadth of our international reach.

We only focus on the integrated government-to-government projects in our portfolio under Heritage Funds LPF. It has been backed by Chinese banks, Sinosure, sovereign funds, Chinese investors, and our strategic private sector partners.

We have a proven track record of success, expertise, experience, and insight interwoven in delivering a successful portfolio of government-to-government projects in the one-stop service to our Chinese EPC project partners and the project owners / employers / holders.

We invest across Asia and the world from its office in Hong Kong, and representations in the locations in Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta, Melbourne, and London. It has given us a unique vantage point to gain high recognition in the government-to-government projects.

We have achieved it through the dedicated efforts of a high calibre team, it has been backed by top of Chinese investors of the top leadership network support relationship initially between the GCC countries and China. We have developed into a great, unique, niche, and right investment linkage from China into our governmental project portfolio.

Our goal and aim strive establishing ourselves becoming a leader and a core player for the project financing built to last with the government-to-government projects.


Apart from its project leader, our project team has been led by a group of influential and exceptional leaders and political figures. It means these switched-on political figures who have sufficient incentive to run a business pragmatically and resolutely in a challenging political environment. They have unique, in-depth and extensive knowledge for government-to-government projects.

Based on the well-accumulated experience of our Chinese investors, our partners, advisors, and co-investors, we take pride in our specialist knowledge of local markets we work on.

We believe that its “relentless” and “diligent” exercise exhaustively focuses on investing into the government-to-government projects under the pledged platform of its strategic Chinese partners and the backing from China money.

decentralized organization structure

Heritage Funds LPF is steered by our decentralized operating platform on the limited partnership fund structure. We preserve what makes each of funds unique and successful while powering their individual fund potential for progress through our China strengths and reaches.

project financing platform

Heritage Funds LPF is one of the best platforms of fund-raising, financing, investment, and project management with hands-on experience focusing government-to-government projects.

With the seed investment from Chinese leadership anchor investors and with Chinese capital in hand, we have been backed by Chinese banks, Sinosure, sovereign funds and Chinese investors and our strategic private sector partners. We have the direct avenue to provide the project finance together with Chinese policy banks and Chinese commercial banks for the government-to-government projects we work on.

Heritage group has entered into mutually beneficial strategic working partnerships directly and indirectly with a variety of subsidiaries of Chinese policy banks, Chinese sovereign funds, Chinese state-owned companies, blue-chip Chinese state-owned contractors and Chinese investors. Thus, we have been involved in sphere of deliveries of the on-site government-to-government project co-operations with them.

Such direct and indirect partnerships have substantially improved the efficiency of the large assets of our governmental project portfolio. It enables Heritage Funds LPF acting as a platform of fund-raising, financing, investment & project management to channel Chinese money into our governmental project portfolio.

As a manager for highly efficient Heritage Funds LPF, we raise pools of capital also to invest in equity, bonds and other securities and provides strategic advisory and wealth management services.

network with Chinese state-owned companies

Heritage group works as a private equity fund service provider platform. It has an extensive range of contacts and direct linkages with the relevant Chinese authorities, and it accesses to more than 60 state-controlled companies in various fields at decision-making level.

We are only involved in the projects realized through governmental-to-government investment model with our Chinese partners together with Chinese state-owned companies.

Our expertise, experience and insight interwoven

We provide a diverse range of project financing services. We have always acted as a bridge, linking China to the world, we focus on the governmental projects in our project portfolio.

With cooperation for mutual benefit as core value with the leadership networks from China to GCC countries and rest of the world, we have always been a long-term partner of capital and entrepreneurs as well as Chinese investors.

We keep on finding opportunities meanwhile converting them into long-lasting value.

We therefore have a proven track record of success, expertise, experience, and insight interwoven in delivering a successful portfolio of government-to-government projects.

We provide the one-stop service to our Chinese project investors, or co-investment partners, and our project owners / employers / holders.

what projects we look into

Our main strategy as the construction-leading financier with China money in hand. It is dedicated to work with its Chinese state-owned companies, contractors & partners to undertake the government-to-government projects, i.e., the industrial plant projects, highway and bridge construction, schools, public housing, hospitals, airport expansion projects, oil exploration, refineries, oil and natural gas pipeline and tank farm construction, water purification plants, sewerage facilities, and high-speed railways.

We can organise and fulfil large scale contracts that are insured for its completion on time within budget with Chinese state-owned enterprises.

investment service ability & solutions

We actively expand our governmental project market presence through project brokerage, investment, and development. We evaluate the right opportunities closely and actively for Chinese investors. we provide a diverse range of financial services, from advisory to investing.

With our wealth of expertise, experience, and insight of well-networking with the Chinese investment leadership network, we find opportunities to convert them into long-lasting value for everyone concerned.

We deliver an integrated total financing solution and fund-raising packages to achieve project objectives and attain project fulfilment.


Under the umbrella of our top shareholder ownership network in Beijing and in alliance with our associates in London, Jakarta, Singapore, and Beijing, our heritage inspires us, and strives us to meet a single performance criterion to be the best at what we do for the government-to-government projects.

We pride ourselves on our success being reputable for providing a reliable and professional financing platform with the confidence which has been demonstrated by our Chinese strategic investors, Chinese financial institutions, and international investors for our focus on building up our governmental project portfolio.

We have financed and developed projects in hand together with our Chinese principals. Inspiring to look forward, the passion for the governmental projects and the dedication to excel always, stands strong with our Heritage group.