Focus & Tasks

We are optimists and futurists. Sometime we staunchly believe in a government-to-government project sculpted by our project owners / employers / holders, it likes a task of mission of impossible, but to us, this project is the pen.

We are always invigorated to use this pen to achieve the achievable goals by mastering the complexity of our government-to-government projects.

our singular focus

Heritage group with its Heritage Funds LPF, is an exclusive, privileged business interest group for Chinese investors with its Chinese banks and Chinese private equity funds, global investors, and its project owners / employers / holders.

The key focus is on value creation with these opportunities and to leverage on our strengths and our China networks. We focus on actualising value through the synergy when the opportunity has been created.


The task is to act in line with Heritage group culture of no “lottery-style bets or magic touch” attitude.

Finding the right and solid deals with measurable and controllable risk within the given time frame to generate superior returns for Chinese investors as Limited Partner (LP), is our task as the General Partner (GP) and one of the Limited Partners (LP).

We adopt a flexible & thoughtful approach with a focus on delivering a superior outcome for all parties. It can act as a principal, a JV partner and / or a co-participant in any suitable business opportunity in the countries it operates in.

We work with our partners, international private equity firms, and the local governments to identify the best opportunities and achieve a good deal by providing our Chinese investors with a one-stop total solution for the viable projects in the countries it operates, i.e.:

  • to carry out extensive research,
  • to conducts the preliminary investigation,
  • selection of projects and to determines investment opportunities; and
  • to pack it into as a package of the one-stop a-z total solution.

The objective is to fund the deal after due diligence has been done, and the political insecurity risk, the exchange risk, the shaky regulatory assessment, and anti-corruption, have been taken into consideration.

Then, Heritage Funds LPF is valued as an active direct investor and financial advisor as General Partner (GP) and one of the Limited Partners (LP) to play a role as a catalyst with its Chinese investors as the Limited Partners (LP) to address to and execute the government-to-government projects.

The investment mandates awarded by Chinese investors with their private equity firms play a significant role. Heritage Funds LPF always takes a unique holistic approach to manage its investment portfolio.

The fund also targets strategic project opportunities based on market needs and work with the respective governments on behalf of Chinese investors to secure concession for the larger deals.

Therefore, on behalf of our investors, it focuses on achieving an in-depth fundamental understanding of the businesses sectors we invest and search for the cash-flow viable and right projects with no air-talk nor playing “taichi” nor “crystal ball” attitude.

In summary

Heritage Funds LPF is one of the important funds for the project financing by taking the advantage of China money via Hong Kong’s status as a world financial centre. It combines with the needs of project financial development whilst it co-operates with government project owners / employers / holders.

Heritage group focuses on project financing for the governmental projects along the Belt and Road. It fully makes good use of our China and international financial network to give full play to the effectiveness of its project financing.