Project Brief

Also, it aims bringing a true experience of world-class fine arts into the government-to-government projects for perfection.

keys for project to success

The project financing and provision of capital are always a key success factor for projects.

Heritage group’s main strength is:

  • to work with the Chinese for the successful structuring of project financing to be arranged by Heritage group into the credit line of China financing platform; or
  • by having the off-take agreement of oil & LNG in exchange for the government-to-government projects.

funding availability

Heritage group is well connected with China’s major financial institutions and most of the China state-owned companies & contractors. Heritage group has highly leverage of these advantages to secure key international EPC projects or significant infrastructure projects to offer its unique one stop solution.

Also, in additional to the USD / Euro project financing for its existing governmental projects in hand, in view of the fact that Hong Kong plays an active role as the world’s largest off-shore outside China Renminbi hub, Heritage Funds LPF also works on RMB project financing to carry out the implementation of some of its governmental projects.

providing a-z total turnkey solution to the project owners

Heritage group’s priority is to serve the needs of our project owners. This commitment needs values integrity, professionalism and a passion for excellence provided by Heritage group and its Chinese strategic partners, Chinese investors, and Chinese policy banks, which lead Heritage group to operate with prudence, financial discipline, and a long-term perspective.

current projects

Heritage group has experienced in the success stories, and it has been pursuing the following continued-from-strength-to-strength projects:

  • The agricultural farming project in Kazakhstan,
  • To construct a large tank farm project with drilling activities in Libya,
  • Railway’s bidding under China’s “one belt one road initiative”,
  • One agricultural farming project with Shenyang Yuanda in Jordan,
  • It has a JV with China shipyard to involve into the shipbuilding & financing projects; and
  • RMB project financing to carry out the implementation of some of its governmental projects.

Heritage Funds lpf (Limited Partnership fund)

Heritage Funds LPF works for its government-to-government projects well. It further strengthens its financing business strength from China. It further develops the cross-border advantages operations for its government-to-government projects.

Recently, the fund has formed a consortium with one of Chinese state-owned companies. The objective is to hunt for some desalination plant opportunity with a greenfield sea water reverse osmosis technology in GCC. Together with Chinese state-owned companies, the scope of this activities to be covered. It will design, construct, commission, operate and maintain the desalination plant as well as associated potable water storage and electrical special facilities.


    It is in the process of working for the trading of distillate products (Diesel) for Brazil between KSA and Brazil.

    solar project

    It also works with Chinese state-owned companies on the carbon-free solar energy system.