Project Leader & Project Team

Since our formation over 10 years ago, our ethos has been built on integrity, sustainability, teamwork, and leadership. We have a unique, multi-faceted and core strength team with leadership strategic guidance and hands-on management and execution oversight.

We work with our values and commitment to excellence and have a reputation for integrity and professionalism.

Our team together with consultants, and senior advisors understands the full value chain of the government-to-government projects. By combining deep local on the ground presence, cultural and the governmental project knowledge, access to our networks and other resources Heritage group can bring, our team has ability to push themselves to think outside the box about how to solve problems of project financing on government-to-government projects. 

Thus, our team has rich background and resources to carry out the project integration. It is a simple journey for the love what we do, and we have fun doing it. we embrace challenges and play to win more government-to-government projects.


As an active financier of government-to-government projects within our rigorous thinking and value-driven investment philosophy, we are committed to business integrity, high ethical values and professionalism in all our activities. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Our leadership brings unparalleled skill and know-how to bear on all we do for our governmental projects.

Our leadership is aligned together with the best interests of Chinese state-owned companies, Chinese and private investors, and project owners / employers / holders.

Project Leader

Lee Kwok Wan is one of the general partners of Heritage Funds LPF which serves as a private equity fund service provider platform.

Mr. Lee graduated with a Master’s in Finance in 1989 from Macquarie University and has more than 30 years of experience in merger and acquisitions, manufacturing, banking, and investment management.

He has an in-depth knowledge and experience of a wide array of business sectors having worked as both the vice president in Beijing and consultant in Hong Kong of Elion Resources group.

After being acted as the director of China-Ukraine Fund and Association, senior vice president of private equity in charge of operations of Jin Dou Development Fund under the platform of China Investment Corporation (CIC) in Kazakhstan, and held a series of management positions with multi-national companies and OCBC Banking Group of Singapore in Singapore, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates, Germany, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and China.

Mr. Lee is a licensed person with Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HKSFC) registered with licenses CE No.: AZL662 to carry out type 1 (Dealing in Securities), Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities under the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Ordinance (Chapter 571 of the Laws of Hong Kong)

As the above licensed holder, it makes an in-depth understanding of the regulations and policies, which is of value in formulating bespoke, cost-effective and forward-looking strategic implementation for the government-to-government projects since his valuable business insights and a deep understanding of the project market’s know-how and developments, have facilitated achieving desired outcomes.

Mr. Lee is a values-driven leader. He leads the team through various financial products and viable projects, assisting the Chinese state-owned companies further expanding project financing on government-to-government projects across the Asia Pacific region, Australia, GCC countries, and the world.

Project Team

Heritage group has a passionate core leadership team of dedicated. experienced and professional management with a hands-on approach. It is the backbone of our success.

It is comprised of dedicated, honest, integrity, sustainability, teamwork, leadership, and inspiring individuals, gathering several top domestic and foreign financial professionals with a wealth of investment experience, innovation ability in financial products and excellent post-investment project management ability.

We have a unique and multifaceted skillset including the government-to-government project development, private equity as well as finance and project market development.

We establish creative project financing and fund-raising solutions for government-to-government project complex needs.

Of course, we have well-positioned leverage to our extensive network and outstanding cross-border capabilities to provide a full range of project financing solutions to our project owners / employers / holders.

We possess a unique blend of China insight and global best practical experiences to capture the opportunities under the China and global financial paradigm shift.

To maintain the expansion pace, we have created an empowering and entrepreneurial culture that provides exposure and push our project team to contribute and grow with Heritage group and its project partners together with project owners / employers / holders.

We are a passionate team. We strive to be the best and have become leaders for the government-to-government projects.

As one team with a single strategic purpose, it forms the backbone of the strength of our talent team.

We believe our people, skills, experience, and culture are the cornerstones of our competitive advantage.

It has been pivotal of the foundation upon which we have built our success.

SFC license availability

With the type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities led by one of its General Partners Lee Kwok Wan under the Securities and Future Ordinance, for example, our team under Heritage Funds LPF as General Partner (GP) and as one of Limited Partners (LP) works with our Chinese strategic Limited Partnership (LP) to tailor financing solutions to the needs of the project owners / employers / holders with “one-stop” shop of project financing service.

The objective is to allow Chinese state-owned companies as EPC contractors to carry out the projects in our project portfolio effectively and successfully.