Enduring Branding and Vision

Our team shares insights on the Logo of Heritage group to China red colour. It links up with its project portfolio of government-to-government projects.

red logo

Our Heritage group’s vision is embodied in its maroon, red logo – an expression of kinetic energy, when the sun rises every morning. It is the emblem of success.

Its sun-shaped logo symbolizes our commitment to sustainable development of government-to-government projects. It leads to our vision and mission to deliver the “A-Z” of best total solution and care for our Chinese EPC partners and the project owners / employers / holders. It then evolves to extend further to representing our commitment to excel with our core strength.

The red logo is visually trustworthy, subdue yet splendid, focused and dedicated, conveying the ours determination and confidence in building a project financing service fund under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It is a metaphor of the unrelenting pursuit of self-initiated improvements and innovations by Heritage Funds LPF.

The combination of red and green colors is eye-catching, generous, energetic and passionate. It conveys a strong visual impact and identity, denoting a development momentum in full-throttle strength and that improves over time for our government-to-government projects.

Its red color also links up with the China national color, which presents Heritage group’s invaluable insight into China, insight into China’s business landscape, regulatory environment, and social culture.

Bridge of connection with China for the world

The Heritage group logo symbolises the best representation of our ambition and vital connection of China to the rest of world, and all the opportunities that it will create.

China funding

It communicates the accelerating pace of our Heritage group’s core businesses and the confidence that comes with being the best for the government-to-government projects, particularly for Chinese fund-raising, financing, and investing into the countries under the platform of one belt and one road initiative.

connect and create opportunity to value

Heritage group has a unique ability to transform opportunities into value, it has the connection. Such ideas and opportunities are transformed into real tangible value.

Heritage group drives this transformation via providing an a-z integrated total solution of fund-raising and financing via Chinese funds.

Heritage group has a special relationship with industry leaders, governments and institutions who drive not only to China but more to the world.

Combined with its China and international network, Heritage group offers the service of providing China money to its clients or its project partners / employers / holders with access to the opportunities at the top world leadership networks, where others cannot.

It always stays ahead of trends in markets of government-to-government projects for the project owners / employers / holders. We are always ready for today and tomorrow as it has come with an unmistakable trademark logo for the project financing of government-to-government projects.


By ensuring our objectives are aligned with one decade of operational, strategic, financial & legal know-how, to this end, we value our vast and unrivalled network of contacts, Chinese capital availability in hand, dedication, respect, integrity, trust and collaboration above all for our branding enduring.

The logo is simple and easily memorable. It has all attributes as a brand that meets our needs in the development for our project financing activiities in the government-to-government projects.