The Value of Our Advisor Network

Our advisors have long, unique, in-depth, and extensive knowledge and proven track record in government-to-government projects. They have passion, grit, and dynamic and orthogonal thinking to work with Heritage Funds LPF to obtain governmental projects.

Our advisors provide different perspectives to Heritage Funds LPF. They share their diverse, expertise, experience and connection networks to steer Heritage Funds LPF to best in class for our governmental projects. Our Advisors are awesome.

Specialists in government-to-government projects

Heritage group engages and draws on the expertise of distinguished advisors for insights about the government-to-government projects, and we exchange ideas and share knowledge on a variety of topics about how to obtain more governmental projects.

We are nimble to fit with the needs of our project owners / employers / holders. Our advisors create a tailored-made plan for them, their priorities, and their goals by developing and deploying our strategies to unleash their potential and thrive.

With our partners, strategists, and China & international professional experienced senior advisors with outstanding track records and strong networks in their respective local markets. We work hand-in-hand as an unrivalled team in creating value.

By having talent and with connection, it has been making the success of frontier investment by Heritage group into the government-to-government projects.


Heritage group is led by a group of influential leaders and political figures. As such our international network of business leaders and top tier advisers work alongside Heritage Funds LPF to deliver growth. 

Our connection advisory network brings together experienced, highly-respected entrepreneurs and experts from different industries, venture capital and higher education from around the world to serve as a source of strategic direction, best practices and network development.

Since the recommendations from our advisors are an act of trust, we have institutionalized success for implementation for the government-to-government projects for our advisors.

Therefore, we have the right hands-on talents, capabilities, resources, and breadth for us to reliably deliver on the value-creation opportunities. It has been an essential ingredient for our success stories.

connections with the local project owners / employers / holders

Through our project networks, it interprets whom Heritage group does business with. It consists of prominent individuals from varying backgrounds with a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the government-to-government projects, and our advisors are renowned for pioneering innovative government-to-government project transactions.

They have extensive experience in developing and emerging economies, and therefore our advisors have a deep insight into the unique opportunities and challenges it presents. They provide access to best-in-class of leaders with Chinese state-owned companies, financial institutions, governments, and regulators.

We work for partnering with the biggest figures via the top-down approach in the government leadership that runs the country via various quasi-state institutions.

Some of these senior advisors have their own global networks of business leaders, which are a valuable resource to us, particularly by introducing a number of top governmental leaders and blue-chip international investors.

Overall, they have unique, in-depth, and extensive knowledge in government-to-government projects. We are fully aware that failure to have the right partners in place, can be disastrous.

NEtWORK OF connections with china

Heritage group has an extensive connectivity to high level Chinese networks (government, financial institutions, state owned enterprises, private investors).

With our advisors’ experience in principal activities in investments, investment banking and covered industries in China with their international reach, our advisors are recognised for their strategic insight and vision. They are highly regarded by China and with international investors.

Our advisors are not only experts on China, but they can apply their knowledge, expertise, and judgement in a breadth of solutions for China money to invest into our governmental projects.


These alliances have enabled Heritage group to provide a broad range of project financing services, and to capitalize on existing expertise in local and global market places.

Such leadership via our advisors gives us a distinct competitive advantage to develop and strengthen these partnerships, as Heritage group expands its scope and expertise.

Our comprehensive suite of investment solutions, market insights, tools, and resources are specifically designed to enable project financing advisors with a variety of our mandates to meet the long-term and ever-evolving investment goals and objectives of our project owners / employers / holders.

These invaluable relationships are built on both Chinese and our advisors’ core competencies, mission, strategy, and a shared vision.