Large Diameter Pipe Manufacturing Plant

Heritage group currently works with Chinese co-investors together with Chinese state-owned contractors bidding a large diameter pipe manufacturing plant to serve the region of GCC countries.

Collaborating closely with Chinese state-owned companies, we are in the process of participating with Chinese co-investors to bid for a large diameter pipe manufacturing plant with the annual production output of 150,000 tons of large diameter steel pipes. The objective is to meet the local demand for large diameter steel pipe products.

Project value (USD in Million)


Annual output in tonnes in thousand



The participation of state-owned oil companies in energy cooperation in the GCC countries, has formed a complete upstream, midstream and downstream industrial chain integrating oil and gas exploration and development, pipeline construction and operation, engineering and technical services, oil refining and sales. It has achieved complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win, and it has led a mutual beneficial and win-win achievement for all countries concerned.

Heritage Funds LPF together with its Chinese co-investors, has planned to participate in and invest in the construction of large-diameter steel pipe manufacturing plant in one of the countries in the Middle East. It is planned the pipe manufacturing plant project will officially start construction in 2025. and it can be fully completed done by 2029.

Pipe manufacturing plant construction, products, scale, expected production capacity

Its location certainly should be in one of the GCC countries. We are still in the process of talking with government owners in several GCC countries. The project site should be covered by at least an area of 25 hectares, with a total investment of US$150 million, including the construction of an advanced spiral welded pipe pre-finishing welding production line, with a comprehensive production capacity of 10×104t/a, steel pipe specifications Φ355.6mm~φ1422mm, Φ1422×18.4mm, and a maximum wall thickness 25.4mm, highest steel grade X100.

At the same time, it will include a pipe internal and external anti-corrosion production line, with the production capacity of 120×104 m2/a for internal and external anti-corrosion, as well as an quality inspection center, raw material warehouse and other auxiliary facilities.

The finished pipe products can be used in mining, construction, chemical industry, energy and other fields.

The world’s most advanced spiral welded pipe production equipment will be applied into this project.

Action in progress

The process is difficult and tortuous since it needs multiple rounds of clarification and multiple extensions during the exercise of being in talks with related governmental authorities, But to seize the opportunity and to make a steady breakthrough by our concerted efforts, we have established an in-depth communication and liaison mechanism with Chinese investors, Chinese contractor, Chinese suppliers, local subcontractors, etc., and we have solidly implemented our project execution resources.  At the same time, we focus on investigating and analyzing the difficulties and challenges encountered by Chinese main contractor, the local related governmental authorities, and local contractors in implementing this project.

Now, we have comprehensively deployed our strategy, working goals and time plan, and the responsible persons in charge with this project to work on it.