Buyer’s Credit

It allows our project owners / employers / holders as the project borrowers to obtain financing and flexibility to pay to Chinese state-owned companies for a portion of project cost of the EPC contract.

Tailor-made Process for export buyer’s credit

  • The project borrower applies to the Chinese bank for its financing needs of export buyer’s credit, either directly or through Heritage group.
  • The borrower or Heritage group receives a letter of intent from Sinosure on insurance after submitting insurance application to Sinosure, either directly or through Chinese bank.
  • The Chinese bank will examine and verify the application in view of the relevant references and the credit worthiness of the project borrower. Bank will issue then a letter of interest or letter of intent to the borrower, and the project borrower shall issue a mandate to Chinese bank.
  • The Chinese bank will negotiate the relevant legal agreements of the loan with the project borrower. The importer and Heritage group shall execute the formal commercial contract which should meet the financing requirements of Bank and insurance requirements of Sinosure, the Chinese bank will complete the due diligence and final approval of the credit committee, and execute the relevant legal agreements with the borrower.
  • The insurance policy shall be issued by Sinosure and enter into force.
  • The project borrower shall present the relevant documents and meet the conditions precedent of the loan before the draw down.

Heritage group’s Ability

  • Heritage group can facilitate client’s contact with Chinese banks. If possible, Heritage group can also help project owner or project borrower get the preferential loan or Buyer’s Credit.
  • Heritage group can work with Chinese state-owned companies for the contract EPC project and supply technology service with Chinese state-owned companies to reach to 70% of the commercial contract from China as the above requirement.


  • Chinese government is encouraging Chinese companies and banks to do foreign investment. So Chinese banks will have a competitive interest rate for Export Buyer’s Credit.
  • Heritage group has strategic relationship with The Export-Import Bank of China, China Development Bank, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. The banks can also provide commercial loan together with Export Buyer’s Credit.